Domestic and international disputes resolution


Effective dispute resolution does not only consist in knowing complex procedures, establishing facts and quoting subsequent decisions, opinions or views. Disputes are primarily people, their motivations, limitations and behaviors. We manage to reach a settlement in about 50% of cases because we know how to influence the decisions of our adversaries. If this is not possible, we provide effective tools that bring our clients closer to the most favorable resolution of a court, tribunal, prosecutor or president of the office.

Often the disputes we conduct are multi-threaded projects that cannot be successfully completed using only legal knowledge. In such cases, we compose and manage interdisciplinary teams advising on the border of law, economy, engineering and public relations. We penetrate very deeply into the technical or economic side of the case to ensure the consistency of our arguments and to effectively interview experts.

At a time when most law firms use the same legal information systems, we have one of the largest private legal libraries in the country, built over several decades, taking into account the development of national law since the interwar period. This enables us to build a sophisticated legal argumentation using literature that is often unavailable.

Our experience includes appearing before international arbitration tribunals using both the European and Anglo-Saxon procedures. We have represented or advised clients in connection with potential and ongoing arbitration proceedings pending or administered in Geneva, London, Moscow, Stockholm, Vienna, Vilnius, Warsaw and Washington, including the largest international disputes in the world included in The American Lawyer’s Arbitration Scorecard .

We also regularly appeared before national common and administrative courts, as well as central and regional public administration bodies. That is why we are one of the few litigation teams in Poland that are able to translate the methodology and quality of work in the case of the largest disputes onto the local ground.

The unique competence of our law firm is the ability to independently analyze financial documents, which allows us to create well-established business arguments, verify the economic legitimacy of claims and much better cooperation with external experts selected by the client.


Paweł A. Tatarczak

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Paweł A. Tatarczak

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Konrad Starek, MBA

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Attorney-at-law, Partner

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